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The Leadership of Lenin Essay

  • Submitted by: Atila72
  • on January 8, 2013
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The leadership of Lenin was the main reason why the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917.

I agree with this statement because the first thing that Lenin did in 1917 to help seize power after his abrupt flee after the July days was the rushing in, a sense, of the revolution. Trotsky and other major figures of the Bolshevik party had insisted that the revolution should be postponed as they thought that Russia was not ready yet since the public opinion was in favor of the Social Revolutionaries (the peasant party) as the majority of Russia’s population, (84%) were peasants. Lenin decided that it was the right time to launch the revolution. This could have been the main factor why the revolution would not have been successful without the influence of Lenin, if it had been delayed then Alexander Kerensky could have built up an army with the co-operation of General Kornilov as he had similar motives, this newly formed partnership could have withstood the Red Guards storming of the Winter Palace.
Furthermore, the slogans designed by Lenin could be the very reason why the revolution was successful. The slogan “Peace, Land, Bread” appealed to every part of Russia. The popularity for the Bolshevik party grew immensely after the April thesis support increased by 120,000 people after the introduction of the slogans “Peace, Land, Bread” which appeal to literally everyone, Peace – this appealed to all the soldiers and other people which were against the participation of Russia in the First World War, Land – this appealed to all the peasants which were told that they need to refrain from taking land at their own will by the Provisional Government and Bread – this appealed to industrial workers in cities as there were large food shortages in all of Russia. Furthermore, the slogan “All power to the soviet” motivated people to indeed support the Petrograd Soviet instead of other parties such as the S.Rs or Cadets/Liberals. If it had not been for these slogans devised by Lenin in his...

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