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The Love of My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: brandi2001
  • on October 7, 2012
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“The Love of My Life”: precipitation in the form of rain or ice is mentioned a total of 14 times within this story. Each and every time it is mentioned trouble is definitely afoot. The pattern is repeated so consistently that it almost becomes tiresome. The first instance is the most subtle. China and Jeremy are “trapped” by an ice storm alone in his parents house. China ’s mother calls with grave concerns for her daughter’s safety. China , on the other hand, sees this as the perfect opportunity to have lots of sex with Jeremy in his mother’s bed (613). While China ’s perception of the situation is loaded down with movie style romance we have to remember that these are still just high-school kids. Kids who, we shall soon see, are not ready to handle the responsibility.

They thought they were being responsible as they went though the long and detailed process of planning for their backpacking trip (615). They weighed and listed everything, down to the last detail. Everything, apparently, except birth control. So when the predicted perfect weather turns into a rain storm exactly half way through their 5 day trip they have not much else to do besides have sex (616). Lots of unprotected sex, that is, thanks to the aforementioned lack of birth control. For this couple, lots of sex definitely spells lots of trouble. The author symbolizes this with a rain storm so ferocious that it even hammers the entire lake “to iron” (616).

Naturally, after all this sex, China gets pregnant. In an odd example of authorial indecision Boyle feels compelled to tell us that it is again raining as Jeremy tries to convince China to get an abortion, but then Boyle remembers/decides that it was clear and cold instead (617). But no matter, it will rain soon enough. In fact, like clockwork, on the night when China ’s water breaks we are told that, “it was raining. Raining hard (618).” How’s that for a double dose of symbolism? Later that evening the rain even turns to ice (618). After...

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