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The Marketing Process Essay

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Marketing has been around ever since man started trading goods and services. Marketing has always been a way to sell your goods and services only thing that has changed is technology. At one time marketing was limited to only a small segment of the market but now with the technology a business is able to target every segment of the market or they can pick and choose the segments they want to target. Just to go back in time to see just how communication has evolved in 1450 printing advertsing appeared for the first time. In 1741 the first America magazine was published in Philidelphia. In 1839 posters became popular and was even banned in some parts of London. In 1867 you could rent and advertise on billboards who would have thought that billboards have been around this long. In 1922 radio advertising began and this was a quik way to get word out about your business but the only problem at that time was not many people owned a radio at that time. Then in 1941 came TV advertising this was a better way than the radio but not everyone had Tv’s at that time. Then in 1946 the telephone market grew to   50% which was a great mile stone. In 1954 television ads surpasses Radio and Magazine ads   and this had meant great news for companies advertising on the air. In 1970 telemarketing began and to this day is a very strong part in marketing maybe not one that we like I mean who likes getting calls all hours of the day right? In 1981-1984 computers were generated and that is when technology really started to come around. By the year 2000 technology had increased by 500% with the use of internet, cable and cell phones. This is just a brief timeline of the way technology has paved the way we market.

Now that we have a history of marketing and what has had a big influence in how marketing is done let’s look at the process we take to make sure we are marketing our business in a way that will benefit both the business and the market. We first have to have a...

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