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The Metamorphosis Essay

  • Submitted by: ctinanarciso
  • on November 12, 2012
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A Big Pest
For most people, change is a normal experience. Almost everyone changes as they get older, whether it's changing wardrobes or changing personalities. Most people change for the better and some change for the worse. The influence on one's surroundings can surely affect how or when one will change. It is definitely heart-warming to see a close friend or relative to change in to a successful, responsible adult, but sometimes there is that one friend or family that changes from being determined in life to a careless human being without one knowing. In Franz Kafka's short story The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa's death is a tragic ending because he wasn't able to enjoy his personal life before and after his change, he sacrifices himself for the sake of providing his   family a lavish lifestyle, and he dies knowing his family resents him. Gregor certainly has plans for himself after paying off his family's debt; therefore, he puts his family first rather than himself and when he becomes a bug, his family isn't there to support his change. It has been an awful life for Gregor Samsa, knowing he didn't experience much in life and didn't get his wants and needs.
One of the reason why Gregor Samsa's end is tragic is because he has not yet accomplished his future goals or even has the time to think about his future; he travels majority of the day and takes care of his family financially. “"Getting up early all the time", he thought, "it makes you stupid. You've got to get enough sleep. Other travelling salesmen live a life of luxury. For instance, whenever I go back to the guest house during the morning to copy out the contract, these gentlemen are always still sitting there eating their breakfasts. I ought to just try that with my boss; I'd get kicked out on the spot”(1). Gregor can't enjoy his peaceful sleep because he has to catch the train. He can't sit down and eat a
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deliciously home-cooked breakfast because he will be late for work. All the things...

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