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The Moral Understanding Essay

  • Submitted by: martin34
  • on September 19, 2012
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The moral understanding
Marty Brown
Introduction to Ethics
Instructor: Tirizia York
August 2, 2012

Why do good things happened to bad people. We live in a wicked and cruel world. Why are the innocent punished. Our world is full of murderers, thieves, pestilence, famine, and war. It would seem from a hypothetical view that our future is dim because of the crime we face every day. Our generation has seen a lot of violent acts caused by diabolical people. What we need to understand is that our world is slowly deteriorating due to evil people who do things for pleasure or personal gain. Since the beginning of time, evil has stalked this earth and it falls upon those who get in its path. Do we fear the unknown of not knowing what is going to become of our precious world that we so cherish. Will our kid’s future be successful and prominent? We can’t control the world around us or the crime that plagues this earth. Philosophy is the study of fundamental beliefs and the grounds for them. Our ideas and convictions of a particular group are examined by philosophers. Philosophy is also a system of philosophical concepts. In the writing of Lenn E. Goodman, she touches on a few subjects that are open for discussion and debate. Although God gave his children this earth to multiply and flourish, people live in a society that is impacted by genocide, politically induced famine, germ warfare, terrorism, hostage taking, child warriors, slavery, polygamy, incest, rape, and female genital cutting.
Genocide is the killing of a large group. One example of this would be when Adolf Hitler ordered that all of the Jews be killed during World War 11. Genocide is wrong and should never be an option for solving a situation. Destroying a group because of its culture, race, or ethnic group is morally wrong. No innocent victim deserves to die because it takes away from God’s glory and the life he help to create. You can’t commit any type of sin and offer some justification for your...

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