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The Most Dangerous Game Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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Dana Shvarts                                       “The Most Dangerous Game”                                     9/8/15
                                                                    By: Richard Connell

  1. Rainsford feels that the animals General Zaroff hunts are meant to be hunted. He believes that animals have no fear or feelings of being hunted. Stated in the short story "The world is made two classes- the hunters and the huntees." But, Rainsford's look on hunting takes a dramatic loophole when he becomes the hunter. He then realizes what animals must feel and the fear they have when they are being hunted.
  2. Whitney explains the troubled mood of the sailors as they near Ship-Trap Island by him explaining that he thinks the sailors have an extra sense that tells them when they are in danger. He also says how the sailors seemed a little bit jumpy and nervous.
  3. The island is called Ship-Trap Island because General Zaroff needs men to hunt, so he literally causes ships to break up. He has installed lights to make it look as if a channel exists. In reality, the channel isn't there, but jagged rocks are (there) that can tear a ship up, disabling it or causing it to sink.
  4. Rainsford arrives at the mysterious island by him hearing a shot (possibly coming from a pistol or gun) and to get a better vision of what it was he jumped up on the railing of the deck to get a better look into the night and as he looked out, he tumbled into the sea. Once he was in the water he began to swim from the direction of the noise and had appeared on a mysterious island.
  5. The reader knows Zaroff is an intelligent and sophisticated man by noticing the author use direct representation to tell us that Zaroff is sophisticated. Another way to know is by in the short story Zaroff speaks very intelligent and uses bright words. For example, “In a cultivated voice marked by a slight accent that gave it added precision and deliberateness, he said, "It is a very...

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