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The Number Game Essay

  • Submitted by: Yasminaxovo
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The leaves crunched under my brown Uggs, as I walked to my house. The autumn air brushed my face. I shivered lightly then decided to put pep in my step. The moment I arrived at my house, I whipped my keys out and unlocked the door
“I’m home.” I yelled
I waited for a reply. Nothing, but air responded. I assumed my dotting mom, left. I guess that meant I was left to peace and quiet. I dragged myself to the kitchen to full-fill my craving for Oreos. I lifted myself on my tippy-toes, so I could peer into my cabinet. I viewed the salt and vinegar Lays potato chips and immediately cringed my face, I pushed them aside and stared at the chocolate and cream cookie. I jumped to reach the Oreos and extended my arms to reach. My hand barely missed, and then I fell straight to the ground. I moaned in pain and rubbed my sides. I glance down at my lap and the scattered Oreos. A frown appeared on my face, and then I noticed something. A note.
“Find Me…...”
I gasped. It was in my mother’s handwriting. What could it mean; she wasn’t taken was she? I looked at the note again, to reread it.
“Find Me in Little Italy.”
I shook my head and an image of my mom came flying into my mind telling me to read everything before I assume. I looked on the back of the note.
“November 29, 2012- Kalaya can you ask Mr. Miller for brown sugar and start making the caramel for my candy apples.”
I sighed. I picked up the Oreos in sorrow and put my North Face jacket back on. I didn’t feel like going, but I wasn’t exactly one to disobey my mother’s orders. I buried my head into my coat on my way there it was freezing. I shivered up Mr. Miller’s walkway. I reflected on Mr. Miller and how I should approach him. Mr. Miller was not exactly the happiest person on the planet, he gave me the creeps, I always thought he was an ex-criminal. I knocked on the door and something suspicious happened.
“SCREECH!” went the door. I peered in and yelled Mr. Miller’s name.
“Mr. Miller! Mr. Miller!”
No one...

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