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The Pact - English - Film Review

  • Submitted by: georgiawrightuk
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: English
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After doing a fair bit of research regarding the public welcoming of this film, it would seem that Nicholas McCarthy’s The Pact was easily splitting audiences in two. After trolling through the internet it was clear that there was no middle ground necessary as people appeared to either love or simply detest this film.
As I sat in the theatre waiting for the film to begin I no idea whatsoever of what it would entail. However the 15 second trailer of the famous Skype conversation that had been hounding my television for weeks and had me thinking of a simple Paranormal Activity type horror.
If I’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have to wait a hundred hours for the first glimpse of any ghostly activities like the Paranormal Activity flicks and the action seemed to occur almost straight away. Still, although this film has its negatives, there is no denying that the special effects were admirable and the ‘jumpy’ moments were definitely delivered throughout.
Nonetheless, in my eyes these were not enough to carry the film alone.
The acting for example, was mediocre but not terrible. The protagonist, Annie, played by Caity Lotz wasn’t a particularly likeable one, with facial expressions that caused her to seemingly be in pain the whole time and due to the over dramatisation of the “bad biker girl” character, I found myself increasingly bored as the film progressed.   I did find it entertaining though when Casper Van Dien was introduced as the not-so-heroic police detective. Again, his acting wasn’t Oscar winning, but it definitely wasn’t awful, granted, I was slightly distracted throughout as I continued to see him in his Starship Troopers uniform which provided an unintentional comedic value for me.
I did like the fact though that these characters seemed slightly relatable and realistic. Like any normal person, at the first experience of paranormal incident, Annie was immediately booked into a motel and only returned later with detective Creek. I then...

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