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The Painted Door Isolation Essay

  • Submitted by: dirtbike4life1
  • on October 7, 2012
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When someone finds themselves in an isolated and unfulfilling reality they may make immoral choices which may devastate their relationships. When someone is isolated without a loved one they will do just about anything to feel safe and in some ways this could lead to something that in the end may cause deep regret. In the painted door this is what happened to Ann when her husband left to help his father. A neighbour came over to keep her company but in the isolation and thought of her husband Ann made some decision that in the end left her without John. In the freezing isolation of prairie farm land women may panic when they are by themselves and do something that they would have never done when the reality was good.
From the beginning Ann was not fulfilled with the reality of the life she was living in which she thought John was not doing what was best for her. Even so in the cold isolation John was still comforting because someone was there that she loved. John had to go to his father’s though which did not make Ann happy. ``in the clear, bitter light the long white miles of prairie landscape seemed a region strangely alien to life``(226) They were in the middle of nowhere as the snow was to deep to use the horses which would make quick work of the trip. At any time or place when someone is alone it will change them from who they really are and can lead to decisions that will later on cause regret. ``Suddenly her movement became precise, deliberate... as if someone had entered the room`` (228) Change was coming to Ann as she began to panic from the storm and the isolation after John had left.
As time moved on the storm began to get more and more powerful which put Ann in more of a panic than before as this involved lives of the animals, this made her angry. ``and while he sits keeping his father company I can look after his stable for him, go ploughing through snowdrifts up to my knees-nearly frozen-``(232) She got to be more angry with John because the...

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