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The Pearl Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: konghuy
  • on January 6, 2013
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“The Pearl” by American writer-John Steinbeck, one of the best books ever published in 1947, tells a story of a poor fisher man living peacefully with his family in small village in Mexico called La Paz. Until his son was stung by a scorpion and later he found the great pearl that his family life started changing into a terrible condition that his son was killed and he threw the pearl back to the sea. Regarding this ending, there is a discussion whether Kino’s family deserves such a dramatic ending or not. Some people believe they deserve it; however, the below reasons will convince those people to change their perceptions.
First of all, the family deserves it seeing that Kino was absolutely impractical. Before he went to sell the pearl, he already knew that the dealers were more likely to cheat him, and it was not a good option to refuse them due to the old incidents that the pearlers tried to go to the city to sell the pearl and ended up disappearing. Still, he aggressively rejected the offer of fifteen hundreds pesos, which was a big amount of money he had ever dreamt to have, and left the shop immediately. He was cutting his own head and putting his family life into a big risk. Another impractical thing is that he had planned to go to the city for selling the pearl. John quotes that: “Never in his life had he been far from home. He was afraid of strangers and strange places.” He even didn’t know anyone in the city and what the city looked like. How would he be able to sell the pearl? Moreover, on the way to the city, there would be many obstacles. One of which was the tracker who was willing to kill the family and steal the pearl. To sum up, Kino was the one who made the impractical decision, he and his family should deserve the ending.
On top of that, Kino’s stubbornness is also one of the reasons. Firstly, he was stubborn with his religion. Religion is made to provide peace and happiness to people. It gives a lot of good guidance, and everyone...

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