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The Policy Process I Essay

  • Submitted by: sunrun
  • on November 12, 2012
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The policy process part 1
In this paper the discussion will take the audience through the complete stages of the political process.   How a topic becomes a policy, beginning with setting the issue on the agenda, moving on through the different stages such as the formulation, legislative, and implementation.
In the United States there are a long list of issues that need to be discuss are put onto the agenda, but only a few make this far.   In order for an issue to stand out and get recognized it would take more than the public’s voice.   The first part of the policy process involves three stages, formulation stage legislative stage, and implementation stage.  
The formulation stage is defined as according to Hayes, Ph.D.   (2008), “the development of effective and acceptable courses of action for addressing what has been placed on the policy agenda.”   (Para. 2). The policy formation has two parts according to Hayes, Ph.D.   (2008), “Effective formulation means that the policy proposed is regarded as a valid, efficient, and implementable solution to the issue at hand.   If the policy is seen as ineffective or unworkable in practice, there is no legitimate reason to propose it.   Policy analysts try to identify effective alternatives.   This is the analytical phase of policy formulation.”   (Para. 2).   The other part according to Hayes, Ph.D.   (2008), “Acceptable formulation means that the proposed course of action is likely to be authorized by the legitimate decision makers, usually through majority building in a bargaining process.   That is, it must be politically feasible.   If the policy is likely to be rejected by the decision making body, it may be impractical to suggest it.   This is the political phase of policy formulation (Para. 2).  
The policy formulation stage would be a way of coming up with an ideal as how to solve the problem.   Who may be involved in this process are interest groups, Congress, executive branch, and courts.   Opposing suggestions are frequently...

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