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The Quiet American Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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‘Our moral compass is set in times of conflict”

During times of conflict, our moral belief system is solidified to prove your self to other individuals. We as individuals can make little things into big things by being selfish and self-centered. Our moral compass can change us as a person for better or for worse depending on how drastically the conflict affects the individual emotionally and physically.

There are many of us that modify their morals and change them but in sense this wont vary the person you are today. This is visible in the woman from Paradise road living in the concentration camp when they were to make the gut ranching decision whether they were to leave the camp and receive all the luxuries such as food, hot showers, health benefits or to stay in the camp where they are suffering from ill health and possibly death. Likewise in the novel “The Quiet American” the Thai women are working as sex salves for men in order to gain an income for themselves to enable survival. Throughout life there are times where you make decisions that will change your moral compass, it can either benefit you or not, but these are the decisions that change an individuals life in order to survive. Sometimes we do not approve of the actions we take, but we have to betrayal our thoughts and do what’s best. As an individual, we many not understand the hardship of conflict but the choices we make are made because of the manipulation of others.

Justice is proven through the fight of conflict it is shown through the mental and physical boundaries that are overcome by the barriers and morals to prove to ourselves that we can do it. Fowler and Pyle are ones that are both involved in the events of conflict. Fowler a very dogmatic person was a British journalist who only wrote on what he saw and took no action. When Fowler saw Pyle in the bombings he felts as if he needed to take action as he not only wanted to protect the Vietnamese citizens but also Phuong, who are being...

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