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The Religious Life Of Planet Essay

  • Submitted by: JaneTran
  • on February 18, 2012
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Assignment 1: Report on the religious life of planet
Phuc Tran
Rel212 – World Religion
Professor Richard L. Hendershot
Nov 5th, 2011

          Religion has existed since humans started living in communities, and has lasted up to this day.  It has served several functions over time, ranging from population control to inner peace.  Individuals need help and comforting in life, and sometimes they find it in organized religions. Understanding the beliefs of other religious groups is important to me so that I can understand people from other backgrounds.  We are living in a world that is ever increasingly interconnected, and people from many different cultures are entering a common forum.  So I believe in order for peace and harmony, I must understand other people’s religious beliefs and worldviews.

      The history of human civilization can be described as a tale of trial and error.   Being herd animals instinctively, humans have always had to rely on cooperation and working together to survive.   From that, civilizations emerged along with established ways that people interact.   Groups of people living and working together have become defined bodies: colonies, states, and countries.   Humans have had to adapt to the environment, and to this day we continue to try to improve the way we live.   One interesting product of people living communally and struggling to survive in the world is religion.   Religion is an established system of spiritual beliefs, moral guidelines, and worldviews; and it proven to both unite populations, and tear them apart.
      Religion came into existence for several reasons, and can take many forms.   Typically, a couple key features can identify religions.   First, most religions have a central set of ideals, creeds, or beliefs that all members must accept.   In Christianity, the Ten Commandments could be considered one of their central sets of moral ideals.   Also, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ is a major component...

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