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“the Revolution: New Civil Rights” Essay

  • Submitted by: jomoney94
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 683 words

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“The Revolution: New Civil Rights”
Since the beginning of this great nation, different groups have been caught in a continuous struggle to gain equal rights as their neighbors. The Indians fought a war, both physical and political, against the oppressive whites looking to steal their lands during the mid 1800’s. Women made their push beginning in the early 20th century, beginning during WWI. Most notably however, is the push for equality by the African Americans in the 1960’s. Besides their fight for rights, all of these movements have one other thing in common, unification. Therefore, society itself must come together for the sole purpose of unification in order to create new civil rights.
The people of this great nation are the sole reason for it’s success, and failures. Time and time again we have come together with the purpose of achieving some benchmark. Equal rights for blacks during the civil war, emancipation of the Jews in WWII. We helped achieve these great things simply because we, as a unit, took it upon ourselves to disregard our differences and unify to help our fellow citizens. Everything we have achieved in our country’s relatively short history has been through the strength of our people unified as one.
The key to achieving any type of advancement in all areas of life is unification and belief in a single purpose. If there is no unification, no sense of selflessness, there can be no advancement or improvement. The most evident example of how this is true is in athletics. When a team comes together at the beginning of their respective season, they all agree to unify themselves and set their eyes on one goal, one championship, and one team. They unify themselves from the start to assure each other of their commitment to the goal. When game time comes, they all come together as one and each player does his own assignment, own job in order to help the team be successful. Without their unification and belief in a sole purpose, they wouldn’t reach...

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  • Submitted by: jomoney94
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 683 words
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