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The Role Of Fundamental Research And Biotechnology Essay

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Resistance to antibiotics is becoming a major problem worldwide. Exacerbating this situation is
the fact that few new antibiotics are in the development pipeline, and, indeed, no novel class of
antibiotics has been introduced into medical practice in more than 20 years. It is proposed that the
solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance will be found only through fundamental research
that will probably use biotechnology as a tool. A variety of novel approaches being utilized in
university laboratories and biotechnology companies are outlined. Two approaches in particular,
namely, Synsorbs and recombinant cationic peptide antimicrobials, that have been developed
through the Canadian Bacterial Diseases Network, a national research consortium, are discussed.
One of the major problems with respect to antibiotic chemotherapy
is that, despite the intensive research that is being
conducted by the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry,
no novel chemical class of antibiotics has been discovered in
the past 20 years [1]. Indeed, all recently introduced antibiotic
compounds are permutations (i.e., improved versions) of preexisting
compounds. Thus, a situation whereby bacteria can mutate
known resistance mechanisms to combat these improved
relatives of earlier antibiotics has been created, and it is not
unusual for significant resistance to be observed even before
introduction of such antibiotics into the clinic [2]. One global
priority must therefore be to encourage the development of
novel antimicrobials, which will result in diversification of the
weapons available in the war against pathogenic bacteria.
Two of the major limitations of this objective are the high
cost (—$300 million per new chemical entity) of drug development
within pharmaceutical companies and the observation
that many of the larger multinational companies have actually
decreased their activities or even ceased to invest in the discovery
of new antibiotics [3]. Does...

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