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The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

From: X Consultancy Group
Date: 10/10/2012
Subject: Recommended course of action for managing the Delta going forward

The situation that we are currently facing might be one of the most critical decisions any CALFED’s agency will take in the near future. It will directly affect life of millions of U.S. citizens as well as an entire ecosystem. After carefully studying all the possible alternatives, we think that the best solution is to build a dual-conveyance system that would combine the continuation of water pumping through the Delta and building a peripheral canal to convey water over the Delta. The Department of Water Resources will decide the level of yearly water redirection through the peripheral canal.

The economical effects
Entirely ending the water exports or building a peripheral canal without continuing pumping some of the water through the Delta will have disastrous economical effects on California and eventually on all of the U.S.   Twenty-five million California residents currently rely on this project and the Federal Central Valley Project provides water needs to 3.75 million acres of farmland. The agricultural sector directly employs 400,000 laborers and has direct and indirect revenues of over $100 billion in the State of California. A significant portion of the revenues originates from the Central Valley. On one hand, ending all water pumping activities will be similar to signing an immediate death warrant to an active and productive Californian sector. On the other hand, building a peripheral canal without controlling the pumping level will increase the water salinity thus disabling the farmers to continue growing all types of crops in the Central Valley and the Delta on the medium term. Any of those two decisions will directly or indirectly make 400,000 families suffer. Furthermore those two options will negatively affect the tourism industry. Tourism constitutes as well a big income source for several projects, as the Delta...

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