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The Scarlet Letter (Draft)

  • Submitted by: JosieFrance
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: English
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Josie France
American Literature
Mrs. Stoddard
The Scarlet Letter is about the tale of three main characters and their sins: Hester Prynne,
Arthur Dimmesdal, and Roger Chillingworth. Believing her husband dead, Prynne had developed an
affair with the minister of a church, Arthur Dimmesdale. She was caught, however, and sentenced to
wearing a scarlet “A” on her chest, which stood for “Adulteress”. Her husband had also arrived from
Europe and had vowed to find the man with whom Hester had committed her crime and seek
vengeance on him. He found Dimmesdale, and from the sickly man took his price. Meanwhile, Hester
raised the child she had between herself and Dimmesdale as the scarlet letter helped her change who
her personality was.

As stated previously, Hester Prynne was an adulteress. This means she had a romantic affair
with one out of wedlock. It is a grievous sin, especially as it is in the Ten Commandments. Although
she cared not of it at first, her sin changed her life. At first she was absolutely miserable, but her strong
personality helped her through. She became a kind, loving, caring woman. Some people, instead of
still ostracizing her because of her sin, began to look upon the “A” as a sign of strength, standing for
Able rather than its original purpose.

Arthur Dimmesdale was the man with whom Hester had fallen in love. He was the minister of a
church, yet told his followers not of his sin and instead kept his false face as the angelic priest of God.
But instead of making things better for himself, he only made them worse. By sinning and keeping it
secret, he was breaking two of God's most important laws: Do not commit adultery, and do not lie.
Lying not only caused Dimmesdale emotional pain, but it also appeared physically. He became weak
and frail, barely able to hold his head high.

Roger Chillingworth had been Hester's previous husband, before he sent her ahead to America.
When he learned of Hester's betrayal,...

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