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The Scottish Economy Essay

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The Scottish Economy
This is a report by me to describe different aspects of the Scottish economy and to describe what a mixed market economy is using material and statistics. There will be four aspect of the Scottish economy covered in this report which are unemployment, tourism, growth, ant the National Health Service.
Features of Scotland’s economy
The reason Scotland has got a mixed economy is because it has both privately owned businesses and government owned businesses. This gives people more choice for services like health care and schools giving people more choice if they have extra money to spend on privately owned organisations. Publicly owned schools and the National Health Service are funded by the tax payer and national insurance contributions. The benefits of a private school is that there are less students in the classes allowing them to have more attention from teachers, they can also offer more programs for students and hire better teachers as they have more money in their budget   from the students tuitions. Private health care can offer advantages such as shorter waiting times and appointment better suited for the patient it also lets the patient see a consultant that suits their specific needs. These are some example of why Scotland has a mixed economy and why there is a market for privatized organisations.
Unemployment in April 2010 was at 208,000, 62,000 people more than the year before. However the rate of unemployment was 7.8%, 0.2% less than the U.K rate which was 8%. According to the Office for National Statistics the number of people claiming jobseeker allowance in March was 136,600 claimants, 900 less than there was in February which had also declined since the month before. The Scottish economy grew 0.2% in the final three months of last year ending five quarters of decline. Graham Smith secretary of the (STUC) Scottish trade union congress said “whilst these statistics confirm that Scotland has left...

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