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The Shaggy Dog Syndrome Essay

  • Submitted by: eyrobinson
  • on September 22, 2012
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The Shaggy Dog Syndrome
I wouldn’t have believed that I could ever be so embarrassed in my life.   I was sweating; my heart was pounding faster than a greyhound after winning his first race.   I thought the entire classroom could hear it.
Damon, the cute, curly haired boy sitting next to me, my secret crush, was looking down at my really fuzzy legs.   I could feel the heat of his stare.   It seemed as though a force field was drawing his dark brown eyes downward to my legs.   I swallowed hard and tried desperately to pretend that I was really interested in what the teacher was saying.   To be honest, the teacher could have been lecturing on aliens that are landing tomorrow and making all humans slaves.   Oh Lord, please don’t let Damon be looking at my legs!
Time seemed to go by so slowly.   The conversation I had the other day with my mother kept replaying in my mind.   “Mom,” I said, “Every girl in the seventh grade shaves her legs!   I’m the only one who hasn’t done it yet.   I CAN NOT wear a skirt tomorrow unless I shave.   I look like a shaggy dog!”
“Oh, Elyse, don’t be ridiculous.   No one will even notice your legs.   I’m telling you, once you shave your legs, you’ll have to shave them forever.   Your hair will grow back thicker than ever and believe me, shaving is not fun.”   Why did I listen to her?   She couldn’t know how I feel.   I should have snuck and shaved them anyway.
It seemed hours had passed when I could feel Damon’s eyes moving away from my legs.   Then, all of a sudden he said, “Your mom won’t let you shave, huh?”   It was too much to take in.   My mouth felt so dry, but I managed somehow to give a weak smile and nodded my head.
Damon gave me a look of understanding, but continued to look at my fuzzy legs.   He glanced up one more time and he must have sensed that I did not want to talk about it so he looked away.
My body was so hot.   My life was over!   My mother had ruined my life.   The sweetest guy I have ever known just noticed my hairy legs and...

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