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The Skin I'M in Summary

  • Submitted by: cocoROYAL
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 377 words

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The Skin I’m in is narrated by a seventh grader named Maleeka, who attends an urban Middle School. Intelligent and Responsible Maleeka has helped her mother through a hard time with depression after her father dies three years earlier. Maleeka faces cruel bullying because of her dark skin, and because she wears clothes sewn by her inexperienced mother. Maleeka turns to a bully, Charlese Jones, to find protection against the other students. In return she has to do Charlese homework and Charlese’s sister Juju has to give Maleeka some cloths to wear so she doesn’t have to wear her mothers clothing. However throughout the book Maleeka starts to grow resentful to Charlese abusive behavior towards her and the other students. Miss Saunders, a new English teacher with a corporate background, becomes a guide for Maleeka’s own self discovery.   Miss Saunders faces her own social disgrace because of a birth mark that covers half of her face, she talks to the students about self-acceptance. Miss Saunders hands out an assignment about writing a fictional diary of a slave, Miss Sanders and Maleeka release that Maleeka has a gift for writing, Miss Saunders encourages Maleeka to keep writing about the slave girl Alkeema. Maleeka figures out she can explore her own feelings through the imaginary voice of Alkeema. However despite the encouragement and support Miss Saunders gives Maleeka, she can’t seem to get ride of the negative influences and abuse from Charlese and the other students. The plot in the story reaches its climax when Charlese commands Maleeka to help vandalize Miss Saunders classroom, when Miss Saunders gives Charlese a failing grade. Maleeka goes a long with Charlese and by accident sets fire to the room. When Maleeka gets caught she has to figure out if she will take the blame all by herself or tell the truth about Charlese role in the incident. Maleeka discovers a poem her Father had left her, her friend Caleb shows a concern in the way Maleeka has been acting and...

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