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The Slave Codes Essay

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  • on February 18, 2012
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In each of the Caribbean territories where the system of slavery existed, there were slave laws to govern the lives of the slaves.   The laws of the Spanish were based on the thirteenth century code of laws known as the Siete Partidas.   In the Spanish slave laws, the enslaved African was regarded as a person as well as property.   The laws, therefore, offered a slave protection against unwarranted assault, punishment, or other forms of inhumane treatment by his master.   Each partida is divided into articles (182 in total), and these are composed of laws (2802 in all).   The French West Indies had, as the basis of their slave laws, the Code Noir (Black Code) which was drawn up in France in 1685 and remained in force until 1804, until it was replaced by the Code Napoleon.   The British colonies did not have a set of laws drawn up by the mother country; instead, each colony drew up its own set of laws.   Such laws began to be passed by mid seventeenth century which gave the masters total authority over the life and death of their slaves.   These slave codes saw the slaves as heathenish and brutish and each slave owner was required to act as a policeman to deal with his slaves by using a whip.   The Barbados code was imitated by the Jamaican Assembly about three years later, and later formed the basis of all the others achieved in the British Caribbean.   Penal and forced provisions formed a major part of all the slave codes, and very little attention was paid to the welfare of either men or women.   Reasons why differences existed amongst the Siete Partidas, Code Noir and the British slave laws were related to when, where and by whom (i) Slavery in Spain and France was less severe than in the British colonies, therefore the Spanish and French slave laws were not formulated to deal with the West Indian situation but to be incorporated into their own colonies’ set of laws (ii) The Spanish and French regarded the slaves and ‘part of the family’ while the British...

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