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The Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine Has Improved Life at State College Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine Has Improved Life at State College" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When students returned to State College after Christmas vacation, they found a new entity in the Marriott. In the southern corner of the rust tiled dining room—inconspicuous yet bright like the last present under the Christmas tree—stood a stainless steel, soft-serve ice cream machine.

Like it or not, the students had known the machine was coming. As much as they had loved their scoop-it-yourself ice cream freezer with its vast selection of hard ice creams and sherbets, they had accepted the fact that change was inevitable—that a mechanized, stylish, and expensive contraption would replace their bicep-pumping scoop system. So when the Taylor-brand Self-Service machine became part of the campus community, only two questions remained: would soft-serve live up to its more solid predecessor? Would a McDonald’s-like cone be worth a daily trek through the maze of tables and plastic-padded chairs to the uninhabited fringe of the Marriott?

The problem with such questions is that there are no clear “yes” or “no” answers. While the soft-serve machine certainly has its advantages, it also has its faults. We know, for example, that the flavor choices under the graduated scoop ice cream system far surpassed the selection currently available from the soft-serve machine. Under the old system, at least six different flavors of ice cream ranging from peppermint candy and mint chocolate chip to peanut-butter chocolate chunk and rainbow sherbet were available every night, and the Marriott staff faithfully replenished them each time the two-gallon canisters became empty. Now, under the soft-serve system, only two options are available—ice cream in vanilla or chocolate, or frozen yogurt in flavors such as orange, peanut butter, cappuccino and New York cheesecake. This difference is unjust, I admit. No rationalization can justify the lack of choice Goshen ice cream connoisseurs now suffer, and lack of variety will forever mark a flaw in the soft-serve system. However, the...

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