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The Spread Of Islam Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Spread Of Islam" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Spread of Islam
The Islamic religion did not end with the death of its Prophet Mohammad; in fact it began to spread throughout the continents. Mohammad was the Prophet and the leader of the umma (the Muslim community) his death left a massive void in the political and religious lives of community. As Mohammed did not leave any clear plans for his succession the umma had to find a new leader to hold them together. Mohammad’s companions gathered at the mosque, and they decided to let the umma choose between Abu Baker and Omar. Abu Baker and Omar were two of the closest friends to the Prophet Mohammad, the umma elected Abu Baker as the first caliph. Abu Baker began to establish a strong community with no separation between political and religious authority. Abu Baker tried to follow in the footsteps of Mohammad and he was able to create a strong empire in the Arabian Peninsula.
Once the Arabs had become unified under Abu Baker’s leadership, they decided to expand their authority. The first battle was in 636 between the Muslims and the Byzantine army at the Yarmuk River, north of the Dead Sea. After four years, the Arabs took control of the Byzantine region of Syria. The Arabs also expanded to the east, when they defeated the Persian power and conquered the entire Sassanid Empire. Some of the local residents in the area that the Muslims conquered converted to Islam and others decided to keep their old beliefs. The people who did not converted to Islam were required to accept to Muslim rules, but they had to pay a tax known as Al jiziah. This tax insured that the non-Muslims citizen would be protected from outside forces and would be given the same rights as the Muslims. Islam also spread in North Africa in the seventh century by trade roads through the Red Sea. Muslims had established their own hotel or “Khan”. In the beginning of the eighth century, Muslim armies took control over North Africa while they launched attacks at both western and eastern ends of the...

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