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The Stolen Party Essay

  • Submitted by: commythomas
  • on October 17, 2013
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“The Stolen Party”
Rosaura Character Analysis

A child is a symbol of pure innocence, which is untouched by the sorrow and the pain that society can bring to the children. Eventually, the eyes of every child open and gradually start to see that their world is not picture perfect. Sometimes, this realization may be quite sudden, which is what we call in literary terms a “coming of age”. A perfect example of a “coming of age” story would be Liliana Hecker’s “The Stolen Party”. Through the transformation of the main character Rosaura, the author expresses that in class societies, individuals are defined by their social status, regardless of their competencies.

At the beginning of “The Stolen Party”, Rosaura dwells in ignorance regarding the true meaning of social status at Luciana’s birthday party. First, when arguing with her mother, she proclaims herself as being the friend Luciana, who comes from a rich and prestigious social class. Rosaura firmly believes that Luciana is her friend since they did homework together after school. Her mother, being a maid, tries to talk Rosaura out of going to Luciana’s birthday party since she knows of the harsh reality of social classes (p. 9). Due to her supposed friendship with Luciana, Rosaura evidently lacks any knowledge about the concept of social status. Rosaura’s blindness to her social class is reinforced by her refusal to listen to her own mother, who knows much more about life’s difficulties than Rosaura does. Secondly, Rosaura ends up in an argument towards the beginning of Luciana’s birthday party with the girl with the bow. The girl with the bow directly states that Rosaura isn’t Rosaura’s friend, since she knows all of Luciana’s friends and that she doesn’t know Rosaura. The girl with the bow’s harsh words show that Luciana evidently didn’t want her other high status friends to know about Rosaura, yet Rosaura blindly retaliates by kicking the girl in the shin (p.12). The fact that Rosaura completely ignores...

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