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The Systems Development Life Cycle (Sdlc) Essay

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During Week two (2) the Learning Team was asked to think of specific organizations and determine the main operating system, software applications used, and a one of a kind software application. That week’s lesson highlighted the versatility of using technology like databases to store records and information that wouldn’t be as easily accessed via programs such as spreadsheets.   Week 3 involved how Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a south San Jose local bookstore used the internet and collaboration technology.   Last week; week four (4), we discussed how the bookstores address security concerns including legal and privacy aspects of their websites and business.  
This week, week five (5), the team discussed the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and how it applied to the bookstores chosen.   The vision and goal for the bookstores was to move to present day technology and the advantages it affords.   That goal required the development of an online shopping experience.   The resulting product offers the bookstore customers an online option in addition to the brick and mortar experience.   The SDLC process is the vehicle by which a quality product is developed and maintained.   That product can be any entity; hardware, software, document, etc.   We were fortunate to interview an “old school Systems Engineer” who developed products for companies such as Addison-Wesley Longman.   He gave us valuable insight into the actual application of this process for documentation here.
The basic milestones in the SDLC process are:  
1. Concept Definition & Storyboarding - It is very important to draw pictures and storyboard the operation of the envisioned product much like they do in the movie industry.   A person should be able to “taste and feel” the operation and appearance of the product to be developed in advance.   This stage is key in that it is important for management to be able “drive” a simulation of the intended product.   Once it is understood how the external...

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