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The Term Paper

  • Submitted by: jaywell123
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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Honestly speaking, I really have NO idea how to revise my paper in creative writing about “Aliens” that was graded “nice, good, very good” into “awesome” or “fantastic” or at least “astonishing” haha. I figured that, in order to achieve that, maybe I could use some help from my classmates and so without wasting a single second, I immediately went to them and beg for help.   Fortunately NOT, they were all crammed-up with sorts of “important matters”, so I had no options left but to do it myself.

I guess, as the sayings say, “the more, the merrier” and “the bigger, the better”, the scientific solution for this predicament is, I just have to think of an EVEN MORE interesting story line and make-up a character with a SNAPPIER name and I’m good to go.

So here it goes,

Once upon a space time, there was a space kid named Whippier. Whippier was unlikely different from the other space kids in his planet. He loved building sorts of mechanical objects such as robots, hovercrafts, time machines and stuffs like that rather than playing with other space kids of his age. He was more like a scientist or inventor than a normal space kid in his planet.

One afternoon in Whippier’s lab as he was looking over his “Super-ultra-microscopic-telescopinator”, he saw a neighboring-green planet nearby. The space kid was really curious about the planet and got seriously tempted to explore and discover what was within. So without any hesitations, He hastily jumped-in in his newly fueled invented space rocket and rushed to the mysterious planet.

“Woooosh!” as the rocket went and finally landed on the flooring surface of the planet. “Ooooh…what an unbelievable place”,the space kid’s first impression to the planet after jumping out of his rocket. Amazed by the surroundings, he started his exploration by magnifying each visible thing.   As he was magnifying, he noticed something peculiar, “What is this white crystal-like object that falls from above?”, he inquisitively...

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