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The Trust Game Essay

  • Submitted by: tylermagee
  • on October 4, 2012
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The Trust Game has been around for quite a number of years, and although the concept of the game doesn’t change, the style changes based on the setting, whether it be in a business building or in a classroom as it was for us.   When playing the Trust Game, it was difficult to decide how many point to give away at first, but after thinking about it for some time, the choice was very easy to decide.
Although I hadn’t heard of the Trust Game before the class, it was very easy to play, being as the rules were extremely simple.   Basically, the first person starts off with a certain amount of points, say twenty.   As his or her first move, the player gives some of his points away to another player, who he or she does not know.   Say for instance that the player gives away ten points.   The other player would then have the option of giving back points to the first, but whatever they give away, those points would triple.   Therefore, if player two decided to give back five points, then the first player’s total would go up to twenty-five points.   Personally, when I first started the game, I had intentions of giving away a very low number of points, because I didn’t feel I could trust the person who I would be giving the points to me.   How was I supposed to know how many points I would get back? Basically, at the current time, I didn’t feel that the risks were worth the reward.   However, I then started to think as if I was the other person.   I felt that if I received a decent number of points, I would be willing to return a good amount back.   This was my thought process going into the game, and it worked out very well for me, seeing how I went into the game with fifteen points and left with thirty.   The Trust Game from my point of view was a great success.
My choices that I made while playing the trust game were greatly influenced by two outside sources; excerpts from Braintrust, written by Patricia Churchland, and a few more excerpts from The Trust Molecule written by Paul...

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