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The Usa Civil War Essay

  • Submitted by: thekidwithdreams
  • on January 6, 2013
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A major conflict in the United States’ history is the American Civil War.
Many causes led to the Civil War. This all happened around the mid 1800s. It was a conflict between the Northern and Southern states. Both sides had their own view on slavery, and their separate views caused contentions between the two. Both had different views on whether to expand or stop slavery growth to the West, or have slavery at all.

The   three mayor reasons of the civil war   were slavery, economy, and states rights. Economy because the north and the south hand different economies the north’s economy was based on factories and wages witch they didn’t need a lot of slaves, however, the south did need a lot of   slaves because they had large plantations witch grew cotton and slaves had to pick them up. With no wages but they gave them food. The states righs were after the us gaind the new territories from the Mexican war witch the south wanted them for slave states they wanted to prevent their slaves from running away   but the north wanted the states to be free some people thuth the people had the right to vote if they wanted to be free or be slaves .   this was the states right. An agreement was reached called the compromise of 1850 witch said that all fugitive slaves had to go back to their owner. The last reason is slavery the south wanted slavery and the north didn’t want it but when lincon became president he said he didn’t want slavery and the south got angry and split from the union and became the confederate states of America and the bloddiest war in American soil began.

Economy, slavery, and states rights were the major reasons of the of the civil war and in the end general E. Lee surrendered to general grant at appomatex cort house and the union won. recontroction started they had to rebuild the nation and reunite with the southern states after that the civil war amendments were passed the 13, 14, and 15 amendments.

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