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The Wallingford Bowling Center Market Plan (Entrepreneurship)

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Re: The Wallingford Bowling Center
1-) Develop a complete short marketing plan for this Company. The goal of the plan is to increase capacity to as close to 100 percent as possible.
This case is about a Bowling Center created by twelve friends near Norfolk, Virginia. It is a Bowling Center very complete; it has three rows of sixteen lanes on two separate levels of the building, it counts with a full-service bar, a small restaurant, a game room, and plenty of parking and room to grow. It is located in a small town so there is no direct competition, and it is beneficial because the surrounding communities include a diverse mix of ethnic groups, professionals, middle to upper class private homes, and several apartments, so it’s very well positioned. The bowling center is open 24 hours per day, and count with full-time employees. All these things are strengths to the business because there are benefits that you don’t find easily in similar businesses.
One of the problems that the bowling center is facing, is the slow business activity on weekdays, so to catch more people and re active those nights, we will create a big bowling competition and divide it from ages, this will be people from 20 and higher, because on weekdays kids have school. We will offer some discounts and happy hours at the bar, so even if you don’t want to play, you can go for a a few drinks and have a good time. In addition we will cater to private parties and special groups such as schools, senior citizens, and church groups.
Bowling is a family plan, and one that people can continue well into their old age. It is a game of skill, which allows players to better their scores with practice, and it can also be a team game. Bowling alleys get their clients from the local area, so this means that it can be more integral to their community, and more involved in community-building, which generates loyal costumers.
As mentioned, bowling is an activity that can be done by people from many ages, but...

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