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The War of the Worlds Analyzis Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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The War of The Worlds

During the past few weeks I have been reading a short book, which I will now review/analyze.

The book is named “The War of The Worlds” and is written by H G Wells. It was published at the early 20th century and though it is all science fiction, there were many people who were afraid of the possibility of this happening, and therefore it made people develop such thoughts when the story was spread.


The main character in this book is a man who does not tell his name or any pure facts to give the reader any direct physical facts about the characters that are included. As the story takes off, you will, for that reason, have no idea about anything concerning the people, although as the story goes along you will learn a thing or two about different characteristics of the different people. Luckily, there are few important people who are mentioned, which makes it easier to recognize and remember who is who.

The narrator is a man of great intelligence, he always speaks his mind, and his thoughts are very clear and philosophizing, which is probably because he is a writer. Telling by his actions, he is a brave man who is also very curious, which could lead to some sort of bad combination.

Since there is great danger and terror during the majority of this book, there are not many people around which means that you get to follow this one man for the most of the book. There are some occasions that appear, when the main character meets someone who stays with him for a while, but none of them lasts long enough to really matter. Though, there is a part of the book where he tells about his brother, and about his experiences and travels. But you notice how the book is made for one main character, since there is no sort of storyteller, which means that the main character refers to...

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