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The White Tiger Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The White Tiger" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Aravind Adiga, the author of “ The White Tiger” presents a brutal image of India’s class struggles. Where poverty and hardship prevail, and age is not discriminated. A society that depicts the crude reality and obscurity of India, where corruption, bribery, and hatred for the underclass takes place. The author of this novel presents Balram Halwai, a poor man in India who belongs to the thousands of underclass impoverished. Despite India rising as a modern global economy, it’s working class people lived in excruciating poverty.

                            Balram, the son of a poor rickshaw puller, left his small hometown of Laxmangarh in India to work in New Delhi as a servant and chauffer for Mr. Ashok (a wealthy man) and his family, which consisted of his wife Pinky Madam, his brother the Mongoose, and his father the Stork. Throughout the novel, Balram depicts his attempts to win Ashok’s approval and affection. Despite the few moments where Ashok seemed to consider Balram as more than just an ordinary simple servant, the difference in their socioeconomic status make it impossible for any ongoing contact between them. Eventually, Balram takes advantage of Ashok’s grief and his weakness as a master. He always wanted his masters affection and always wated to serve him in any way that he could possibly do so. When he was unable to gain Ashok’s kindness, he decided that in order for him to survive in harsh India, he must forcibly take what he can to prosper, which lead him to kill Mr. Ashok and take his wealth and identity. Balram’s character is one of nonidentity, uneducated lower class. He came from a poor caste so therefore had no higher education as he was taken out of school at an early age. He goes from “nothing” to “something,” not only in the Indian society but also in global society after he was given the title name of “the white tiger.”   A white tiger meant a sharp animal who was rare and intelligent; of which Balram was discovered as being. He had a...

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