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The Work Essay

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Interview Assessment Form
What is the form for?
❑ Each member of the Appointment panel will be given an interview assessment form to record notes for each candidate during the interview.
❑ You don’t have to make notes on this form but are required to use it as a guide for what areas of assessment you will be making your notes and final decision on)
❑ The interview assessment form is purely for note taking and does not have to be attached to the Chairpersons record sheet.
❑ This Chaipersons record sheet is very important as it is the final sheet which records each panel members thoughts and decisions and would be used in an Employment Tribunal if required.
❑ When making your interview notes, you should therefore make them legible, clear, to the point and fair as you will use these notes when discussing each candidate at the end of the day.
❑ This sheet will be a summary of the interview process and kept in a separate file from the rest of the R&S documents so that it can be accessed quickly and easily.
❑ After the interviews have been completed, all Interview Assessment Forms and/ or interview notes must be returned to the Chair of the panel to correlate and retain for feedback. These documents must be kept and sent to HR with the completed recruitment file within 3 months.

How to use the form?
❑ Only 1 candidate can be recorded on 1 sheet so you should make sure you have enough sheets to cover the number of candidates you are interviewing.
❑ The administrator looking after the vacancy will have already put the essential and desirable characteristics on each sheet.
❑ Where a selection exercise (apart from interview) is used in the process and you are involved, feedback on the candidates performance must be detailed on the record sheet under the essential/ desirable criteria that has been agreed by the panel.
❑ For each candidate you should also consider if they are appointable/ not appointable, what order the candidates come in and...

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