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The Worst Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: mgeorge1234
  • on January 27, 2013
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The Worst Thing

Although I have had many bad experiences in my life the worst would have to be when I was in 6th grade and I had to eat dinner and sleepover at my friend Emily’s house. Her parents were both vegans, little did I know, she was also a vegan. She lived close to me and I always had sleepovers at my house, but this was the first time I was allowed to sleepover at her house.   It was nothing less than a more than terrible experience for me; my first sleepover at Emily’s was one I would never forget.
When I arrived at Emily’s house, the first thing we did was do each other’s hair and makeup, like every girl does when she goes to or has a sleepover. Soon after, her mother called us downstairs for dinner. I did not know what to expect, Emily never told me if her mother was a good cook or not.   As I enter the kitchen, I smell an unsatisfying smell that seemed to be coming from the stove. That immediately made me not so hungry anymore. I realized when I saw it on my plate; it was green spinach with cauliflower and tofu.   I wanted to vomit on Emily’s mom for even thinking of mixing all these ingredients together.   Her mom told me it was Emily’s favorite food. I was trying to be kind, but I could not stand to eat someone so repulsive looking.   Of course, me being the nice girl that I am, I ate it, almost throwing up with every bite, and washing it down with a half a glass of milk every bite.
Luckily, later that night I came down with an illness. This is the only time I can remember that I was actually happy that I was sick. So many good things were going through my head! I guess that tofu really got to my stomach. Emily told me it was supposed to taste like grilled chicken, she clearly lied. I’ve never eaten chicken and thrown up after eating it. So I called my mom and she was there to pick me up within the next fifteen minutes. She said that was probably the fastest she’s ever driven on curvy back roads. She asked me what I had for dinner, so I told her...

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