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The Writing Process Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Writing Process" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

IFP0100: Academic Writing Block 2b The Writing Process

Learning Outcomes

• Develop strategies for organising your ideas,
planning your writing, and structuring essays

• Reflect upon writing anxieties and the writing

• Develop an essay plan for S2 from seminar

The Writing Process

• Stella Cottrell in her text The Study Skills
Handbook outlines a seven point procedure for writing assignments

• In this week of block 2 we will explore this process

The Writing Process
What is an essay?

• A Structured piece of writing
• Written in formal, academic English

• Explores a topic or issue in detail
• Develops and organises your ideas

• Expresses your views

The Writing Process
The Seven Point Procedure:

• Clarify the Task
• Collect and record information • Organise and plan • Reflect and evaluate • Write an outline plan and first draft • Revise your draft • Final Draft

1. Clarify the Task

• What EXACTLY are you being asked to do?

• Look for the keywords in the title: analyse, explain,
describe, contrast, critically evaluate, define, illustrate, justify

• These words guide your approach to the task
• Break the title down into smaller sections or tasks

• What topical issues or theories does it ask you to

1. Clarify the task cont.

• Note your reflections or opinions on the title

• What do you already know?
• Do you already have evidence you can use? • Keep the title close to hand to remain focussed on it • In your introduction refer directly to the title saying how
you interpret it

• In your conclusion refer back to the title to show you
have answered the question asked

2. Collect and Record Information

• All essays will require you to use evidence of some
sort, whether this is from your own experience or from other sources

• Be selective – try using a set of questions to guide
your research

• Record where you have found the information • Take notes in...

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