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The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

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  • on October 7, 2012
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Marriage was a theme explored by many American Gothic writers in the 19th century. Many feminist authors at this time revealed the inferiority of women through their writings. Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote “The Yellow Wallpaper”, about a woman who is diagnosed with “temporary nervous depression”, and is under supervision of her husband, who is a physician. According to Gilman, marriage confines women, prevents women from doing what they want, and isolates women from society.
The physical confinement of the woman in the story represents the confinement of women in society. The woman is restricted into a small room resembling a trap, where she is not allowed to get out of. The room is “barred for little children, and there are rings and things in the walls”, and it has a wallpaper that is a “repellant… smoldering unclean yellow” (Gilman 79). Because the room is “barred” and there are “rings… on the wall” on “disgusting yellow wallpaper”, it represents a trap, where the woman is confined in. The woman confined in the room represents confinement of women in marriage society. Women in the 19th century were trapped in the domestic sphere, in which they were limited to housework or church work. They were expected not to leave the sphere, as men and women had distinctly separated jobs and rights. The woman in the story is also confined to practicality of men. Her husband, “John, is practical in the extreme”, and her “brother is also a physician”, and throughout the story, although she “disagrees with their ideas”, and believes that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do [her] good,” she still obeys her husband and says “If a physician of high standing…assures that there is really nothing the matter…what is one to do” (Gilman 77)? During this time, practical and high standing male physicians dominated the women. Women, who were less practical than men, had to obey the men and were confined into the practicality of men.
The prevention of the woman of being...

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