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Themes Of The Understudies Revenge Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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In the novel ‘The Understudy’s revenge’ by Sophie Mason, there are two main themes. Truth and forgiveness.
The novel is about a theatre company and its owners, the legendary Kings. They are producing a new play, Hamlet, and a young man named Oliver Parry tries out for a minor role. He and the co-owners daughter, Millie, become friends and Mille wants to find out the truth about Oliver.
Millie and her friend Seth try and find out why Oliver Parry really is in town. Things get complicated and Millie and Seth both get into trouble and finally have to tell everyone what they have been investigating. They believe that because of Lily King’s son, Anthony King, Oliver Parry and his helper, Ruby Malone, want to kill James King. It ends up that Anthony wasn’t really dead and he was married to Ruby Malone. Lily and Anthony were reunited and everything returned back to normal. Millie and Seth get engaged and Oliver Parry moved back to Spain and opened his own theatre company.
Anthony just wanted forgiveness. Anthony was thought to have died in Australia from typhoid fever, what actually happened was the Anthony faked his death so that he could start a new life. He felt the need to go back to England so that he could apologise to his mother for running away without telling her where he was going or why. He wanted to tell her that it wasn’t her fault, but her late husband’s, Robert King. Robert King ‘bullied; his son to the point where Anthony snapped and left his family. Anthony wished that he could have mended things with his father before he passed away.
Every son just wants their mother to be proud of them and not think that they are a failure. Anthony wasn’t a failure in his mother’s eyes, but Anthony didn’t know that. He would have done anything just to see his mother again to apologise to her, it’s sort of sweet.
In the end Anthony was reunited with his mother and he was forgiven, and he started to get better from his opium addiction.
The other theme is truth....

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