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Theory Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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Trishawn Adams
Theory Essay
In Favor of Constructivism
As I research each theory of child behavior there are some things I agree and disagree with. Let’s look at the behaviorist. They believe that children can be manipulated by an adult by gifts and/or tokens. Also children become who there are because of their environment not by genetics. Now let’s look at the maturationist. The philosophy states that learning emerges from within and their environment does not influence their development. They can thrive on their own accord.   At last we have the constructivist. This philosophy is a mixture of the maturationist and the behaviorist. In this approach it is very important for a child to have the age appropriate tools to learn. Children are born with their own kind of behaviors and thoughts. Also children learn and explore through play.

I believe that children are their own persons. Children need to feel that they are loved and important.   I think that it’s sad that the philosophy of the behaviorist believes that you have to be a product of their environment. That is not necessarily true. If you come from the worst neighborhood you don’t have to conform to that environment. You can be determined to stand above the rest. As far as the maturationist, I can agree to this somewhat. Children do thrive on their own accord. Although children need guidance but not so much where it will interfere with their development. I would have to say as a childcare professional I would agree with the philosophy of the constructivist. Children are all different. That’s the beauty of a child. While some children are quick to learn there are the others that a on level or below. We have to provide children as a whole with the appropriate tools to thrive and succeed. We need to get to know each child so we can improve their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

I feel that being a Quality Childcare Provider means that you should provide the best for every child. You...

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