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Theory of Computer Essay

  • Submitted by: sankalo
  • on August 4, 2015
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Theory of Computer" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.Write any 4 concept of OOP’S. .(vvimp)
2. What are the characteristics of an Object?
3.Write 2 application of oop.(vvimp)
4.What are API,JVM and byte code?
5.What is UNICODE?
6.What is Inheritance?(vvimp)
7.What is WORA?
8.Write the default value of float,double,char &boolean?
9.Write a statement to input a char value.
10.What is the meaning of final y=10;
11.What are type casting and type Promotion. Write examples.
12. What is precedence operators?
13.Write 4 examples of Tokens,Reserved words and key words.
14.Write difference between identifier and variable.
15.What are System.in and System.out? .(vvimp)
16.What is the use of keyword ‘parse’.
17.What are static/class and Instance variables.
18.what is the means of keyword Buffered Reader. .(vvimp)
19 What is the means of InputStreamReader. .(vvimp)
20.What are the meaning of keywords ‘void’ and ‘new’.(vvimp)
21 Write 2 visibility modifier/access specifier.
22.What are Java API ,Standalone Application and internet applets.
23.What is the difference between primitive and composite/user defined data type.? Write 2 examples (VVIMP)
24 Give the difference between actual parameter and formal parameter.
25. What is the difference between local variable and instance variable?
26. State the difference between if-else if ladder and switch...case.(VVIMP)
27. Explain the concept of constructor overloading with an example. .(VVIMP)
28. Differentiate between isUpperCase(char) and toUpperCase(char).
29. What is the difference between a constructor function and a member
function of a class?
30. What is the difference between a static member function and a member
function which is not static?
31. What is Dangeling ‘if.(vvimp)
32. What is ternary/conditional operators .Why symbol ’?’ and ‘:’ are called ternary operators.(vvimp)
33. What is the difference between Integer and int
35. What is final var.
36. What is selection statement?(imp)
37. What is Entry-controlled/Top-Tested/Pre-Tested loops
38.What is...

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