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There Once Was a Girl... Essay

  • Submitted by: alexsyssarah
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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There once was a girl who didn’t believe she would amount to anything. No matter how many teachers or adults told her that she was smart and could easily get straight A’s, she was stuck on the thought of just being an average student and never in her life could she get Honor Roll yet alone straight A’s. This stigma held her back from achieving her full potential. She didn’t know she could do anything if she tried hard enough. That girl was me.
Growing up I had a very low self-esteem that held me back from many different “normal” childhood experiences. For example: making friends. That task always seemed very hard for me. I was picked on and made fun of constantly, and in response to being picked on and not making any friends I tried to talk to anyone whenever I could, like during class. This strategy didn’t work well because the teacher would reprimand me every time. And this lead to many parent-teacher conferences where the teacher would almost always say, “Your daughter is a very bright girl but needs to try hard and talk less.” Or “ If your daughter could learn to concentrate on the task at hand and not get up out of her chair every 5 minutes she would have better grades.” Hearing this year after year lead me to think that I was just a problem child and the teachers just are made to say “Your child is very smart but…” I just thought I could get through school with C’s and D’s and be ok.
This thought process worked until I registered for high school. The day the consolers came into our 8th grade English class to give us an “expectation speech”, my life changed. I knew if I carried my bad school habits to high school, I wouldn’t make it very far. That last quarter of 8th grade was the first time I ever got Honor roll.
That’s when I knew I could get good grades and be successful. I was still insecure about straight A’s but I was sure I wasn’t going to be a failure and not make it into college. Freshman year first semester I got straight A’s for the first time...

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