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Things You Need to Know About the Gall Bladder Diet Essay

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Things You Need to Know About the Gall Bladder Diet:   What It is Indicated For, What You Need to be Eating and Avoiding, How You Can Benefit from It and Why You Should Try the Gall Bladder Diet Today
The gall bladder is a very important body organ that we often take for granted. However, as important as it may be, the gall bladder is not necessarily a vital organ. Unlike the liver, heart or lungs, the gall bladder is not necessary for the body’s general health and wellbeing. Like the appendix, the gall bladder can be removed without having any major or life-altering repercussions on our health. This is probably the main reason why most people do not give a second thought to their gallbladder’s health.
However, suffering from gall bladder disease can become a very painful experience. Only when people start feeling the symptoms of ill health do they realize on hindsight how taking care of the gall bladder should have been more of a priority.
The two most common forms of gall bladder disease are gallstone formation and inflammation of the gall bladder and its ducts as a secondary problem to gall stones. These two conditions can cause bloating, colicky pain, and jaundice or the yellowing of the skin.
Gall bladder disease is often treated by the surgical removal of the gall bladder. This ultimately prevents the recurrence of any form of gall bladder disease as, obviously, the gall bladder has already been removed.
Gall bladder disease may also both be treated and prevented through lifestyle and dietary changes. The best way to take care of the gall bladder nutritionally is by following the gall bladder diet.
The gall bladder diet is a set of dietary guidelines one can follow to promote liver and gallbladder function and health.
What to Eat
Stephanie Watson discusses a few foods that are good for the gall bladder on the website www.webmd.com. She enumerated that the following foods should be consumed:  
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Whole grains like...

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