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Thinking Essay

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Ronald Thompson
Liberty University
October 14, 2011

The Islam thinks that the word is what you see. If you can’t touch or feel then it’s not part of the naturalism. They have a mind seat that if it was not here before I came then I will not be a problem for me when I am in a place where I want to be. They were brought up thinking that Muhammad was going to be the one that was going to save them in the world. They did not believe that one man that has three persons can all be one. They didn’t care how they look when someone was talking to them because if it was not the Qur’an. Muhammad told the people that and angle came to him and gave him the worlds to speak. Islam has the mind seat that they will kill or be killed for the love of Muhammad. There are many of them that think that he will save them in the end of time. They have the right and the doctrines to show that Muhammad was the father of the people. In all other worlds that are what they think is true. The Islam thinks on day that they will see Muhammad in the Day of Judgment. Muhammad will be the one that will be the Islam into the land of the living souls when they die. He will let them know if the works that they have done on earth was enough to get them into the eternal heaven that he have made for them.
As Christians we know that God made everything in the earth. It tells us that everything that was made was made by God. The Lord brought the whole world into existence and gave man the powers to be over everything that he has made. We must honor Him in the light and the truth. He came to show man that we have a Savior with higher power that we can call out to in the time of need. God came to earth so that we may have away back to the Father. If Jesus never came to earth then we would die a sinful life. God sent Jesus so that he could die and live again with all power in His hands to help us fight evil. God always teaches His Christian how to love one another. We are to love with all you...

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