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This Is Hard Essay

  • Submitted by: Karlosanti
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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This Is Hard

Okay, today’s topic, school. School can mean many things to teens. School can be the place you learn, the place you see your crush, the place you really don’t want to be at, or even the place you rather be at than be home. Yeah, we all come to ‘learn’ and what not, but it’s the things around you that make the learning seem fun. Starting with the teacher. If you have a strict, boring, or quiet teacher, it wont be very intriguing to be there to learn. If your teacher is peppy, loud, funny, entertaining, you’re bound to start liking the class or even, oh dare I say it, do work. Well you have to do the work liking your teacher or not, but its always better to have something to look forward to in a particular class instead of just sitting there staring blankly into space thinking about what your plans are for after school.
Now your classmates you don’t have any control of. You get who you get and deal with it. Sad truth isn’t it. But, make the best of it. If you’re a senior, you most likely know everyone in your class and enjoy their company. Sophomores and juniors, you still are meeting new people and that’s always a good thing unless you find yourself having a stalker. Freshmen, this is your year to make your reputation count. So most likely you may or may not know some people in your class taking the fact that there’s a bunch of you more coming from different schools in perspective. And, last but not least, any new student. It’s always hard to come into high school not knowing what to expect. It might even seem scary to some people. It might give you panic attacks, or make you laugh and pee in your pants as you’re realizing you’re spending your lunch in the restroom. I personally am new, to this whole ‘high school experience’. And so far it’s been great. Yeah you probably could care less right. But if you’re having trouble, know that you’re most likely not the only one. There’s probably someone else sitting on a toilet seat in the gym bathrooms. Not...

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