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Thomas Edison Essay

  • Submitted by: spanky44
  • on January 5, 2013
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These two individuals are similar because well one there both evil. Also they are both leaders of a party or group. Also they both go power hungry.   For example Jack becomes the leader of the hunters but longs for total power and becomes increasingly wild, barbaric, and cruel as the novel in the book Lord of the Flies, the antagonist Jack relates to Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany in 1889-1945. Progresses. Jack goes and kills two other characters in the book Piggy and Simon.   Then Jack tries to take control of Ralph tribe. This relates to Hitler because he went power hungry to. Instead of just being the leader of Germany he goes and tries to take over the world. He a massacre of citizens for no reason. The differences between Hitler and Jack are that, Jack lives at the end. Hitler dies. Hitler actually kills himself because he was going to get killed anyways.   Also the ages of both leaders are different. In the end they both failed to have complete power. Showing the readers that working for all the power isn’t worth it because you always lose.
Jack and Roger relate to real life setting. They relate because it the topic bully situation. Where you have a big strong kid who does the dirty work. As the thin, smart, kid stands by and watches. In this case jack the thin, smart, kid. Roger the big strong bully who listens to what jack says. For example how Jack told Roger to push the boulder down to kill Piggy. They relate to in many bullies in high schools. Many teens once they have a strong friend tend to get out of hand. Like since people are scared of their friend he picks on others and feels he is on top of the world. If anyone messes with that person then, the big friend comes in and does the dirty work. It sad to say that the big bully really don’t mind getting in trouble. But that is Jack and Roger they bully the other survivors on the island for Jack personal gain. Although their bullies method is a little more forceful than just calling people some names, or...

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