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Thoughts Essay

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By far, our team has decided that this exam was probably the most challenging exam that we have had by far. We felt like this exam is where we needed more and better understanding before we completed it, and maybe we should have had more help with it, but we are confident in our work that we have completed. To get prepared for the exam, we had a group meeting and talked about some of the things that were challenging in the individual part, came together and helped each other finish the team part. The team part seemed to be much easier in the essence that there were three minds working together at once. We also found that graphing the answers for the different parts were easier because completing the math was much different than completing answers about the math that we were doing. We found that finding the Z scores for the part that we were doing was the easiest because everyone in the group understood what the correct procedure to completing it was. Overall some of the things that we learned how to do was to compute Z scores for data give, how to determine what form of standard variation to use for our data (mean, median, mode), how to complete a box and whisker plot, and essentially how to turn our Z score data into percentages that we could work with on a bell curve. After completing the test, the team felt like we knew majority of what we were doing, and we understood the criteria of the exam. All pending questions were answered and as a team we worked well and worked hard.

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