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Tim Burton Essay

  • Submitted by: mowgli222
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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What does the word gothic or goth make you think of? When I think of goth I don't just think of black creepy things, I think of the creative techniques Tim Burton uses to expand the use of goth to make it his own. Tim Burton does the unexpected when he creates his films. Burton lets you connect with the main character and pulls you into his stories. He really tries to make you feel and understand what he's feeling to pull you in and connect to make the story even better for his audience. Tim Burton invites you into his world using low key lighting and camera movements to highlight his personality and imagination. He shows you why his films are so special and that they actually tell an amazing story.

Low key lighting is used in plenty of movies to add a creepy effect, but no one uses it like Burton does. Burton's purpose for using low key lighting is to add that suspenseful effect to keep the audience guessing. In Burton's film Edward Scissorhands he uses low key lighting when Edward is hiding in the dark corner to make the audience guess what he is and freak them out a bit. He also uses special low key effects in the film Frankenweenie when the kid goes to Sparky's grave to make it really dark and scary. Tim Burton can effectively use low key lighting in a large variety of ways.
        Tim Burton uses excellent camera movements in all of his movies. In Edward Scissorhands there was a tilt on Edward's castle to create a creepy vibe. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory there was a pan of the factory to show all the machines. Burton uses his camera movements to show all his unique scenery in his movies.

Overall, Tim Burton is an excellent movie director and producer. He uses cinematic techniques such as lighting and camera movements to prove that although someone may come across as scary and different that they can really have a lot to offer.

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