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Time Management Essay

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Time Management

Effective time management means less stress in your day to day routine. Managing your time effectively will get more done each day and when your minimize stress your improving the quality of work.
“Effective executives, in my observation, do not start with their tasks, they start with their time. And they do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes,” (Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive” referenced by Negesh Belludi, 2008).
We can easily lose sight on how we spend our time and before you know it the day is over. Ask yourself how your spend your time; keep a log of everything you do for a few days. Evaluate this and determine where you spend the most time, how to utilize certain times of the day and what you can shave off the list. If you commute to work, utilize this time to catch up on emails, read reports or write you’re to do list for the day. This time may seem short, but in the end useful.
It’s also important to keep healthy to relive stress, not only can you be bombarded with heavy workloads but your personal life can affect your productivity as well. Get plenty of rest and make sure you have something for breakfast and lunch during work, this will keep you energized.   Feeling run down exhausted or fatigue will only set you back and create distractions and limitations of productivity. A healthy lifestyle can improve focus; concentration and efficiency this will help finish the tasks out hand. Stock your break room with healthy snacks like apples or yogurt.
Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity
  * Plan each day
  * Prioritize your tasks
  * Say no to nonessential tasks
  * Delegate
  * Take the time you need to do a quality job
  * Break large, time-consuming tasks into smaller tasks
  * Practice   the 1o-minute rule
  * Evaluate how you’re spending your time
By planning your day you can take control by accomplishing more. Create a “To do list,” put the most...

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