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Time Management Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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Keys to Time Management

So you think you have a grasp on what time management is do you?   Well, if not then read on! Time management is the development of a process and tools that help you to be more productive and efficient   (Time Management Tools and Training). As a college student, time management is a key to survival and it may be a challenge you will face and have to deal with.   Being able to use your time wisely will alleviate stress, headaches, excuses, and late nights up cramming before an exam. Time management is all about finding what works best for you, but with a few simple guidelines: organization, prioritizing, setting goals, having a plan/ to do list, and focusing/ contributing to your work; you will be on your way to successfully managing your time and overcoming procrastination.
Procrastinating is intentionally putting of work that should be done until the last minute (Holschuh, Nist-Olejnik and Baldwin 48).   For different reasons most everyone has procrastinated about finishing a task.   Even if you work best under pressure, it can easily become overwhelming because you are rushing to finish an assignment so that you can move on to the next one and possible missing steps to get several things completed all at once.   It is a bad pattern to get yourself into because college is only going to get harder and require more effort and time even if you may work best under pressure.   Overcoming procrastination is a multiple step process and it takes time but it is a key to success.   College students and procrastination do not mix.   It will only lead to a poor grade or even failure.   It is important to make the best out of each situation, use your time effectively and expect the best. Remember, time is on your side it is easy to gain more time within your schedule but hard to make up.
Most important you must become organized; it goes hand in hand with time management.   It is a factoring key in your success.   Many students waste valuable time searching...

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