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Timothy Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Timothy Isidore
U.S History Outline
Period 1      

            The Abolitionist Movement
    Slavery was formed years ago ever since man walked on Earth. Historians normally date the start of slavery in the North American colonies to 1619. That year, a Dutch ship carrying African slaves docked at Point Comfort, which served as Jamestown's checkpoint for ships wanting to trade with the colonists. Some People didn’t like the idea of slaves and People like William Lloyd Garrison waned to change this. Thus, the abolitionist movement was born. The Abolitionist Movement was a huge turning point in U.S. History. It was a turning point in history because it sought to end the enslavement of Africans in Europe, the Americas, and Africa itself. It also aimed to end the Atlantic slave trade carried out in the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Abolitionist Movement slavery was basically a way of life and they were used to make the lives of the slave owner easier and better. Some People didn’t believe that slavery was a part of human nature and thought it should be abolished and once the Abolitionist Movement occurred, Southerners became furious. Anti-abolitionists reacted violently and swiftly to the onslaught of antislavery literature that   overwhelemed post offices across the South during the fall of 1835. Northern abolitionists had hoped to friendly convert slaveholders through their postal campaign, yet had only further amplified the severity of the slavery issue to re-instill fear among the free black population in the South. Southerners took action against rising Northern activists, urging that immediate action was crucial to preventing any further abolitionist gains. A boycott of Northern goods was called by an anonymous anti-abolitionist in a letter to the Richmond Enquirer.

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