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Title Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Utopia is where a life is perfect to the point nothing can go wrong that’s where the point where people start to dystopia that their life is a mystery.

            In the book animal farm their story from utopia starts at the beginning of the book when snowball tells the other animals’ the seven commandments where humans’ are a bad thing in their life and that if they world together to push out the humans they can control the farm them self’s and to help each other from starving. While that was happening a another pig named Napoleon and the other pigs wanted the control of the farm themselves they trained two dogs to chance snowball out of the farm so Napoleon can take over the farm and change the rules.              

That’s when dystopia began to occur Napoleon told the animals that Snowball was a bad influence on the farm and wasn’t going to help them at all as the dogs in the background growled the animals in fear believed him. The rules started to change the other pigs where on top above the animals cause they were the “smarts” of the farm. The strongest animal named Boxer he was stronger than two horse’s put together was the smart one from the animal and didn’t believe any of what they said he remembered the commandants’ from snowball and knew he wasn’t a bad influence Boxer was sent to his death at the end when they have won the battle against snowball and the other farm. Napoleon lied a lot for food that the animal didn’t eat for a long time that caused problems and soon every animal said that “I was part of snowballs plot the whole time” that’s when Napoleon killed every animal that was that soon made the farm fall into pieces.  

            In the show The Truman Show front the start he seemed like the physical man going to work every day going home to his wife Meryl and restarting the day over the day after that. The second day he started walking to work when he saw an elderly man on the streets deseed as he was going fishing. Truman stopped...

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