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Titration Lab Report

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Titration lab report
Chemistry unit 3
In this investigation it was looked at the titration of HCL with NaOH, this is a neutralization reaction that is performed in lab in order to determine an unknown concentration of acid (HCL).   In this investigation the moles and concentration of acid as well as the Ph of the solution were find out, the mole of   25ml of HCL was 0.65, concentration was 0.026 and the Ph of solution was 1.58Ph.
Titration is a process to measure the volume of an end product, which is produced by reacting a solution of known concentration with a measured volume of a solution of an unknown concentration.   The known concentration solution is called a standard solution, it will be added from a buret to allow measure the amount of solution which is added. The solution that is added by buret also called titrant. The sodium hydroxide is used as a standard solution with known concentration. The equivalence point (the equal amount of base and acid) has to reach in a titration process.   An acid/base indicator (e.g. Phenolphthalein) is used to show the equivalence point has reached by changing colours.   Titration experiments are used to determine the concentration of an acid or a base, if either acid or base concentration known, the other unknown concentration can be find out by measuring how much it takes to neutralize, which is a useful experiment.  

The Bronsted-Lawry theory about acid and base, describes as follows; an acid a proton (hydrogen ion) donor, a base is a proton (hydrogen ion) acceptor, or any component that can transfer proton to any other component is and acid and any component that accepts the proton is base.   The theory says a substance can function as an acid only when a base is presented, and also other way round, a substance can only function as a base in the present of an acid. This theory consider a large number of compounds to be acids and bases, which includes neutral molecules e.g. sulphuric, nitric...

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